Kaff Kitchen Chimney Price List, Warranty & Customer Service

Undoubtedly the recently closed decade was a patch and fix arena, especially for the kitchens in our houses. As the potential demand over the kitchen appliances touched an all-time high, all over our nation, many organized or unorganized firms began flooding every marketplace. Remarkable and optimum utilization of cutting edge technology and the slashing of the retail price of these products was only the major competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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In this period, the thoughts of having an ideal modular kitchen consisting of all the smart amenities flew in and people started utilizing them in an efficient way. Kitchen Chimneys, as an example, is now an upcoming trendsetter among all other kitchen appliances for a Gen Z kitchen. They are used as an advanced replacement against the same old exhausting rotors, who were once, a popular gadget for driving out the impurities off the kitchen.

Literally abundant varieties available to watch out for, when you are shopping for an affordable, worth every penny kitchen chimney at both online and offline sources.  In no time, they became an integral and unavoidable piece which belongs to a Gen Z kitchen.

It worked out very well, since the popularity of these kitchen appliances, once considered as a waste of money, started rising in between middle class and lower-middle-class households.

This led to the growth of many established companies in India, as the consumer’s base just hit a huge increase as the products offered to them were a bit luxurious and affordable.

This was a major turning point for Kaff, The Italian kitchen appliances manufacturers, who had a tremendous amount of business running in India. Even though it faced stiff competition from local and international brands, it won the ‘India’s most trusted brand’ award for a consecutive two years.

It started its operations in our country by 1997, and till now Maintenance of the quality standards, unique and outstanding designs, Affordability, making sure that the utilization of the product is in an optimum manner are its hallmarks and Kaff is planning to stick on to these, with sufficient innovation and marketing plan.

The consumer’s market for kitchen appliances is estimated to be of Rs.2,000 Cr by the beginning of 2020 and it’ll outgrow the previous numbers with the introduction of new and technologically advanced devices. Kaff is a strong contender in the Indian market, facing cut-throat competition from organized companies like Milton, Imex, etc. and Unorganized firms.

Let’s take a look at a few of these upcoming kitchen chimneys, currently in the papers, planned by Kaff and soon rising as the game changers of the industry.


Kaff Chimney Review

Kaff is a multinational corporation dealing in the production and distribution of kitchen appliances, whose kitchen chimneys are an absolute piece of art.

Ordinary kitchen chimneys are widely used in a number of households to pump out the smoke, fumes, grease, odor, and other molecules from clogging up and creating a highly uncomfortable situation at your cooking place.

They are efficient than the usual kitchen exhausted rotors, as they are slow and partially clear the air, compared to Kitchen Chimneys.

Let’s take a look at two of these best-built kitchen chimneys by Kaff, followed by the user experience with the product and service.


1) Kaff ACE BF 60 Kitchen Chimney

Kaff ACE BF 60 Kitchen Chimney

The ACE BF 60 model of kitchen chimneys from the house of Kaff identifies itself as a heavy-duty chimney specially built for Indian kitchens.


The reasons you should go for it

Noise Expanse: The Kaff ACE BF 60 Kitchen chimney has a noise Expanse range of 54dB. These units are comparatively way less than other kitchen chimneys of similar grade.

Furnishing Gear: The accouterment of all of their machines has always been an area of mastery for the Kaff gadget line. A rust-free surface with some first-class matte black skin makes all of their chimneys visually appealing.

They seep through Filters: The pair of baffle filters, armed to the body of the kitchen chimney puts up an exceptional performance in sweeping out the solid particles in the air. As a matter of fact, not many of the chimneys of this grade are even equipped with filters of such quality.

Special mention: Unlike other chimneys of comparable ranks, Kaff ACE BF 60 has a unique frame and construct. The mouth of the chimney is a bit wider than the usual ones, which grants the chimney the potency to absorb more than other chimneys sharing the same engulfing power.


Other Dominant attributes of Kaff ACE BF 60 Kitchen Chimney

Let’s have a quick glance over the other headliners of Kaff ACE BF 60 Kitchen Chimney.


The Suction Muscle: For a mid-range ordinary kitchen chimney, 1000 m³ per hour absorption strength makes it a striking and undeniable feature.

The Motor Throttle: Kaff ACE BF 60 Kitchen Chimney has a set of three different beautiful push knobs to regulate the pace of the motor.


Kaff Chimney Warranty Details

The motor harbored inside the chimney has a warranty period of seven years while Kaff offers a span of two-year warranty on the machine.

Kaff Chimney Customer User Experience

The machine nearly meets the customer expectations and a majority of customers are satisfied with the product.

Kaff Chimney Service Review

The experts from Kaff will reach out to the customer after the delivery of the chimney. They will drop in and complete the set-up of your kitchen chimney smooth and steady,  without any hassle.



2) Kaff FIM BF 60 Kitchen Chimney

Kaff FIM BF 60 Kitchen Chimney

It’s totally a humane thing to crave for the best. But only a few are capable of getting their hands on it. Here’s your chance to place a bid on the finest kitchen chimney built by Kaff.


The reasons you should go for it

The Mighty Motor: 1080 m³ per hour rate of absorption may seem like an ordinary number when some matching gadgets are taken into consideration. But most of them will be of no sport against this muscle.

The Sleeky Construct: Who will say ‘nay’ to a bold, striking, and such a sublime finish with that classy matte black. Unarguably, this Chimney is going to outshine every other gadget in your kitchen.

Special mention: The Kaff FIM BF 60 motor is a built-up of some compelling quality and strength. It easily outperforms the other chimney motors, which share a similar grade.

Other Dominant attributes of Kaff FIM BF 60 Kitchen Chimney


Noise Expanse: well, for an extremely competent motor like this, the magnitude of the noise waves are surprisingly limited to 57dB. It means the machine does it’s part steadily and without making much noise.

The Pace Throttle: A bunch of three push knobs to regulate the pace of this raging bull. It can grill or fry your delicacies to some medium to heavy extents.

The Seep through filters: Famous for its resistance against the dregs of Indian cuisines, the mounted baffle filters exhibit a great job.


Kaff Chimney Warranty

Kaff is a renowned name for its supreme quality products and a promise on its machine for a span of seven years in the motor and one year on the housing.

Kaff Chimney Customer Experience

The trends throw in some highly positive reviews into the limelight. It is a great pick, satisfying the expectations of a huge customer base.

Kaff Chimney Service Review

The experts from Kaff will reach out to the customer after the delivery of the chimney. They will drop in and complete the set-up of your kitchen chimney smooth and steady,  without any hassle.


Kaff Auto Clean Chimney Review

Have you ever tried cleaning a chimney? It may take around an hour of actual physical effort to wipe clean this giant absorber. The stains of oil, traces of Vapor on its exterior body and interior housing makes the whole process a herculean task.

Situations like these demand a type of machine which cleans itself. We will guide you with narrowing your quest for the finest absorbing machines with the self-clean feature.

The line of Kaff Chimneys outfitted with the Self Clean card, are among the best players in the competitive arena.

We’ll assist you with all the information you need to know about some matchless Kaff Chimneys armed with the self-clean setup.


1) Kaff MILA DHC 60

kaff ace chimney

In one line, an architectural marvel which is a blend of classic semblance and leading-edge attributes. Let’s just carry out a decent analysis of this machine.


The Reasons You Should Go For It

The Absorbing muscle: An unbelievably bold and cogent motor with an absorption power of 1150 m³ every hour. Taking the quoted price into consideration, this is undoubtedly an A-1 deal that you’re getting.

Touch, Don’t Throttle: Well don’t search for a knob to push as this classy bigwig is so smart, is furnished with a touch screen panel to regulate its operations.

Special mention: This self-cleaning chimney is a hothead, which operates on the thermal heating technique to heat and melt the impurities and flush it out to the oil collector.


Other Dominant attributes of Kaff MILA DHC 60

The noise extensity of 62dB, Baffle filters built of clean-cut stainless steel and a gorgeous matte black shiny surface.


Kaff Chimney Warranty Details

The house of Kaff approves a term of seven years on the motor and two years on the rest of the machine parts.

Kaff Chimney Customer Experience

Most of the randomly picked customer reviews lead us into the stage where it solidifies the fact that the machine is a fine buy for the money we pay.

Kaff Chimney Service Review

The experts from Kaff will reach out to the customer after the delivery of the chimney. They will drop in and complete the set-up of your kitchen chimney smooth and steady,  without any hassle.


2) Kaff AMBRA DHC 60

KAFF Kitchen Dry Heat Auto Clean Chimney 60 cm 1180 M3/H

Your search for a second to none machine to succeed the worn-out exhaust propellers of your cookhouse ends here. Let’s take a formal analysis of this appliance, which is bringing in more enthusiasm.


The Reasons You Should Go For It

The colossal absorption capacity: Planting such a mighty motor in this machine tosses out all the impurities in the air within seconds.

Silent? Way too much: It’s going to kindle up your interest as even after planting such a cogent motor, the stretch of its noise expanse is just 58dB.

Special mention: The whole structure of this machine is devised a little unorthodoxically, out of the normal shape of chimneys. It thereby guarantees a more productive impact on its absorption capacity.


Other Dominant attributes of Kaff AMBRA DHC 60

The exterior skin of the machine is furnished with a premium matte black and a touch screen interface instead of push knobs.


Kaff Chimney Warranty Details

The house passes a warranty promise of a span of seven years on the motor inside and a two year on the other parts of the appliance.

Kaff Chimney Customer Review

Highly positive reviews at every end guaranteed that this built-up from Kaff is a good to-go option for a self-clean chimney.

Kaff Chimney Service Experience

The experts from Kaff will reach out to the customer after the delivery of the chimney. They will drop in and complete the set-up of your kitchen chimney smooth and steady,  without any hassle.


Kaff Filterless Chimney Review

The filterless range of chimneys is the latest addition to the range of kitchen chimneys which has already created a major impact on the modular kitchen industry.

As its name suggests, the chimneys don’t use a filter and hence there is no need for a manual cleaning to be done. Yes, you heard it right. This range of chimneys doesn’t require any kind of operating hands on their cleaning and maintenance as it’s one of the best self-sufficient chimneys of this era.

Even though these are currently considered as a mid-range to the luxurious set of chimneys, we’ve shortlisted some of the best Kaff Filterless chimneys which are affordable and provide you with the best value for money.



KAFF Filter-less Kitchen Chimney 60 CM 1250 M3/H

These kinds of machines are an absolute combination of self-clean and no maintenance attributes. Let’s draw a quick glance at the highlights.


The Reasons You Should Go For It

Seriously Fuelled Up Motor: The absorption capacity of 1250 m³ every hour is no child’s play. Yes, it can handle even some hardcore grilling and frying at your cookhouse.

It’s Automatic: This may sound slightly improbable but this machine has an automatically operating glass panel that opens, whenever it’s needed and remains shut during inactivity. Smart right?


Other Dominant Attributes Of Kaff MARBELLA BLACK 60

Touch, Don’t Throttle: You won’t be having any luck if you are searching for a push knob to operate this absorber. All of its operations can be regulated using the touch screen panel on its surface.

The noise production of this machine has got a hit on 68dB which is highly satisfactory when compared to the chimneys of similar grade. Also, the glossy black finish to the body is a great attraction.

Warranty Details

The house leads with a warranty period of seven years on the motor and two years for the rest of the product. It is the longest span of warranty for any of the chimneys of the same rank.


Kaff Chimney Customer Experience

The trend solidifies the assumption that this machine has put up an impressive show, among all types of customers since it received huge numbers of positive reviews.

Kaff Chimney Service Review

The experts from Kaff will reach out to the customer after the delivery of the chimney. They will drop in and complete the set-up of your kitchen chimney smooth and steady,  without any hassle.


2) Kaff NOBELO TX DHC 75

Kaff Chimney Nobelo DHC 75

This machine with a massive mouth of 75cm pretty much absorbs any little thing on its way. This Biggie deserves a detailed analysis of its features.


The Reasons You Should Go For It

Silent? Pretty much: Astoundingly, even after planting a motor of colossal strength, it only produces 62dB noise.

Touch? Just wave: This cutting edge technology is just beyond normal smart devices. You can turn the chimney and the lights on or off, regulate the pace of the motor with just a wave, not even touch.

Special mention: The chimney is built with an automated glass panel, which opens and shuts the chimney upon being functional and during the time of inactivity.


Other Dominant Attributes Of Kaff NOBELO TX DHC 75

The body of the chimney is fully built on steel, which ensures the safety of the chimney.


Warranty Details

The machine and the motor are protected by a manufacturer’s warranty of two and seven years respectively.

Customer Experience

Being a high-end kitchen appliance, it was indeed a jaw-dropper for most of the customers.

Kaff Chimney Service Review

The experts from Kaff will reach out to the customer after the delivery of the chimney. They will drop in and complete the set-up of your kitchen chimney smooth and steady,  without any hassle.

Kaff Kitchen Chimney Innovations

Kaff is evidently making an active effort to capture the Indian Kitchen appliances market through products of greater quality at the affordable price range, service and maintenance, and most importantly, consistent innovations on technological upgrades.

The Kitchen Chimney Innovation Plan of Kaff is a highly intuitive and potential one. These are the three new varieties of kitchen chimneys by Kaff, underdevelopment, or improvisation stage.


Noiseless Kitchen Chimneys

Necessities are true, mother of innovations too. Whatever the price range is, or the features it provides you with, even the best of the best kitchen chimneys face the issue of noise levels. This annoying sound produced by the chimney was proportionate to the rotor power of the chimney. Introduction of noiseless Kitchen chimneys without compromising the engulfing strength of a chimney will be a great achievement for the  range of smart chimneys built for modular kitchens.

Kaff, being a prominent player in the innovative kitchen appliances arena, is working on launching its own set of absolutely noiseless Kitchen chimneys, which is not going to compromise it’s absorption capacity too.

Kaff is targeting all ranks of affordability and all grades of features provided, noiseless chimneys have the potential to become a revolutionary product.


Filterless Chimneys

Another set of kitchen chimneys that are currently at the improvisation stage – The filterless kitchen chimneys. One of the major advantages of the filterless chimney is it requires zero manual maintenance!

Yes, you don’t need to take out the filters or clean the interiors of the chimney. The advanced auto-clean feature performs more efficiently and thereby gets rid of the dirt, toxic particles stuck in the chimney by collecting them together and channeling it into the oil basket. Pretty simple right?

You only need to change or clean the oil basket every six months. So that brings in the filterless chimneys into the arena. Kaff has already launched a set of filterless kitchen chimneys, which we will cover under the Kaff filterless chimney review.

These are signs of great progress and we’ll be having a filterless, No maintenance kitchen chimneys for our modular kitchen built by Kaff.


Hidden Chimneys

The idea of hidden chimneys is definitely a technical marvel that would be a great addition to your modular kitchen.

These types of chimneys are fitted right to the surface of the wall, covered by a sliding door, which shuts the chimney vent when it’s inactive.

The chimney panel will slide open again when it is needed to toss out the impurities in the air.

This definitely sounds great, especially considering giant structures of kitchen chimneys. This will easily solve the problem faced by the households with a limited kitchen space, who now can afford a bigger and better chimney for their kitchen.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best kitchen chimneys on the market, built by Kaff, as regular kitchen chimneys, Auto clean kitchen chimneys, and Filterless Kitchen Chimneys and what the customers think about the product and its service.



We’ve explored the advancements and some of the best kitchen chimneys from the leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances, Kaff. The overall reviews in its top kitchen chimneys approve of the fact that the quality standards maintained by Kaff are pretty impressive.

Keeping up with the pace of innovation and change will always bring a competitive advantage for Kaff products in the market.

So we guess, there are a variety of Kaff products you may want to explore and take a look into.