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India has a vast diversity in the food industry just like its culture. Different foods from various regions in India is what makes India so popular when it comes to popular Indian cuisine. The cooking style of people is unique and distinct from each other in various ways. This being said, the main ingredients of any food item would be the popular Indian spices, ghee, and various oils which are mandatory for most of the Indian dishes.

Keeping in mind how food is cooked in India, ventilation needs to be a top priority in any kitchen whatsoever.

If we look back upon a time then people have tried various modes of ventilation when it comes to cooking their food. However, the most efficient way is to install a chimney for the most effective ventilation in recent times. Chimneys are usually vertical columns installed over stoves, furnaces, or even a fireplace which provides an outlet for the spicy smoke and hot gases to be released outside the household.

Here in this article today, we will be mentioning some of the Elica chimney reviews which will provide the reader with a clear ideology on why this product is one of the best products which is available in the market to date.


Brief Summary:

In today’s world, a brand is a major factor when it comes to purchasing any product in the market. You should always purchase such a product which will fulfill your needs according to your requirement.

Needless to say, you can visit your nearest service center in case there is any problem with your product.

Elica chimneys have been quite popular and the most used product available in the market. These models can be used hassle-free in households thus making it one of the bestselling models available online which indeed provides a good suction power. Elica chimneys even come with auto-clean functionality which is helpful.

However, the Elica chimneys are a bit noisy when used at their full capacity. But again, there are even quieter models available in the market.


Elica Chimney Reviews

Elica takes pride in being India’s no. 1 brand in the current market. The major reasons why this product is so popular is as follows:

  1. Longer warranty: Elica usually provides a long warranty than most of the other products in the market.
  2. The availability of silent chimneys is also present.
  3. Elica provides flexible price ranges for customers with different budget capability.
  4. Elica’s performance is great when compared with other products in the market and it also provides great ventilation.
  5. Elica has the best customer service available in India. All of the repairs needed to be done are made by local agencies and engineers.


Products to Consider

Keeping in mind some of the best Elica chimney customer reviews, we will recommend some of the models from which you can choose according to your requirements.


1) Elica WD HAC TOUCH BF 60

Elica Auto Clean Chimney


This is our top pick in the list because of its elegant looking structure. This product even comes with a free installation kit and has a 5-year guarantee. Some of its well-known features are easy to clean baffles, touchpads, and even energy efficiency.

This product has a suction capacity of 1200 m3/hour. It can be wall-mounted and is equipped with curved glass. It even has touch as well as motion sensor controls which can be used as per the convenience of the user.


  1. The product comes with auto-clean functionality.
  2. It can easily handle 2 to 4 burner kitchen hobs.
  3. Its 1200 m3/hour of suction capacity would be more than enough for a kitchen of 200 square feet of size.
  4. It has a 1-year comprehensive warranty along with a 5-year warranty on the motor provided by the company itself.


  1. The suction power of this product is not up to the mark for its price point.


Customers have provided with great Elilca kitchen chimney reviews. The fit and finish of the product are great along with the well-designed filters and the professional look. The pricing of this product is a bit high however, for this price range, this is the best one can ever expect!

This product even has an easy installation guide. Customers have reported that their kitchens are less smoky while the chimney is running and the surfaces of their kitchen are not oily anymore.

This is a great unit provided by Elica and consumers are looking forward to using the same for many years with any problem.


2.   Elica Spot NG EDS LTW PB – Deep Silence

Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology

Buy on Amazon


This is the perfect product for customers who are willing to compromise the rate of the functionality of a product for the sake of silence.

Kitchen chimneys are known to cause a lot of noise while they work and the noise supposedly keeps on increasing at full power. For the customers looking forward to a silent chimney, this product would surely be something they are likely to consider.

The product comes with an enhanced technology which reduces the noise to the maximum level when compared with various other products. The system is built in such a way that the noise levels of the machine is reduced without compromising the efficiency of the product.

The product even has a round filter mesh which is easy to clean. With due course of time, the filters need to be washed often. It even has a total suction capacity of 1010 m3/hour, making this product the quietest as well as a powerful product.



1.   Its EDS3 technology ensures that there is a minimum amount of sound produced by the product even at full power.

2.   The presence of the LED strip provides sufficient light during cooking.

3.   Its 3D filter ensures that it covers a wide area and provides maximum suction from all sides in 360 degrees.

4.   The product comes with trendy touch control that will give easy access to all the features of your chimney so you can clean it without any hassle.


1.   The suction power could be less for users who are looking forward to the heavy usage of the product along with silence.



Elica silent kitchen chimney review has been quite popular since this particular model can provide its users with the exact amount of service which he or she needs.

It produces very little noise, even at full power, along with an effective filter technology in addition to the helpful touch controls.

Overall, this product would be the best for any user who is looking for an effective chimney with deep silence mode.

3) Elica WD TFL HAC 60 MS NERO, Touch + Motion Sensor Control

Elica 60 cm 1425 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

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This product has a unique filterless technology that ensures a powerful suction capability. It can draw unhealthy smoke and gases within moments thus keeping your kitchen smoke free completely.

It even has a motor sensing technology that enables easy operation by various hand gestures alike.

The product comes with a 5-year warranty on its motor and a 1-year warranty on the product itself from the date from when it is purchased.

It has auto clean technology with energy-saving mode along with touch and motion sensor control.


  1. The product comes with auto-clean technology.
  2. It has filterless technology along with LED lamps.
  3. It provides a powerful suction of 1425 m3/hour.
  4. This product has a separate oil collector to ensure easy cleaning.


  1. The installation procedure could be difficult for some users who do not have any experience in setting up a kitchen chimney.


The Elica chimney service review is not quite up to the mark since their customer service might take days for servicing. Customers have complained against this issue a few times in the past.

Other than the above-mentioned problem, the motor sensor installed inside this product is very good and it emits very little noise which is very unusual for a product within this price range. Cleaning the product is very convenient and hassle-free but the service of Elica is disappointing for some users.


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What are the different types of chimneys available in the market?

Masonry Chimney:

These are the traditional chimney which can be seen in most households.

These are made out of bricks and blocks of stones which are very suitable for houses that have the same material construction.

These chimneys are great for houses that have a concrete foundation. Some people have the ideology that these chimneys do not require much space for installation but that is not true. These chimneys require more space than any other type of chimney in the market.

Factory-built chimney:

These chimneys are mainly seen in modern houses where they are placed above fireplaces which are mostly made out of metal sheets. This is the reason why these chimneys are also known as prefabricated chimneys.

If we consider an in-depth review of such chimneys then there are mainly three types of factory-built chimneys available in the market. These are:

  1. Air-cooled chimneys: These chimneys use metals to absorb the heat which is released and dissipate the same in the air.
  2. Double-wall chimneys: These chimneys are equipped with double walls and insulation materials to absorb the heat and gases released.
  3. Air-insulated chimneys: These chimneys work the same as the air-cooled ones but the only difference lies in that the gases do not get dissipated into the air. it gets trapped between the metal plates which are used for insulation.

Manual Chimney:

These are the traditional chimneys that need to be cleaned every week for them to function properly. The cleaning needs to be done manually of course.

The oil particles get stuck in the filters which slow down the performance of these chimneys and the same needs to be cleared out likewise.

Auto-clean Chimney:

These chimneys have the digital functionality where the oil particles get separated from the filters just by the push of a button. The oil gets stored in the oil containers from where they are separated and removed.

Buying Guide before purchasing any Chimney

Now that we have a clear idea of the types of chimneys available in the market we need to henceforth consider the points which are mandatory to consider before purchasing a Chimney from the above list provided.

Brass Burners:

It is advantageous to the user if the chimney’s hob is made out of brass burners. This will help the user to obtain the right flame at all times.

Suction Power:

Usually, Indian cooking consists of various spices and oils to make the cuisine delicious likewise. Therefore, having a chimney that has a good suction power is mandatory. The Elica brand provides various kinds of suction powers with filterless cleaning technology, which ensures that no dust or oil particles are retaining in your kitchen.

Efficient Filters:

Filters that do not clog and require very little cleaning would be the best option for an Indian kitchen. You should always opt-in to purchase such a chimney which provides efficient filters which in turn depends on the number of times you cook throughout the day.


Choosing the right kitchen chimney for your household can be confusing and a major decision when it comes to purchasing the same. All of the Elica chimney reviews have been provided from our end to the consumers who are thinking of purchasing the perfect chimney for their everyday needs.

Having a chimney that provides poor ventilation can be harmful to the people living in a particular house since they are entitled to various harmful spices and gases, thus leading to breathing disorders of various kinds.

To avoid this, the above Elica chimney review India would surely help you out to make the right decision. We did a lot of research in picking out the above-mentioned products for the best in the class cooking experience.

If you go through the points efficiently, you are more than ready to make your purchase!