Duct Vs Ductless Chimney: Which one should you go for?

Ducted Vs Ductless

The idea of a modern home always involves a modernized kitchen with all amenities. Perfect lighting, advanced racking system, latest electrical appliances, fancy pipelines, etc complete what we call a smart new age kitchen. Another thing that evolved alongside a kitchen, is the topic of discussion – The chimneys.

They started becoming popular as they expanded their utility or service mostly in hotels and restaurants to replace exhaust fans in our kitchens. Soon chimneys gained even more acceptance for its advanced features and latest models which required no or very less manual intervention. Currently, they are considered as an absolutely ideal fit for a new age kitchen.

So if you have a kitchen renovation on your own, well planned or trying to give a new look by a couple of two excellent installations, yes a kitchen chimney is undoubtedly a great option to make a move for. But before that, there are some relinquishing facts that you got to know about kitchen chimneys, well before picking one to avoid chaos and confusion. Before comparing the Ducted and Ductless Chimneys, let’s get to know what they are.


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An introduction to kitchen chimneys

As mentioned, Kitchen Chimneys are of two types – Duct and ductless chimneys. Both of them perform the same function but in a different way. As you know there’s nothing wrong with trying a hand on some experimental cooking, but it is always an even better option to work on your experiments with a chimney on your kitchen wall or right above the stove.

Kitchen chimneys that don’t need any kind of manual tools to operate, automatically capture the toxic particles and molecules in air through strong filters. The air is vented out through the chimney but the solid molecules are captured and stuck with the chimneys.

It gives a fresh ambiance to the kitchen in no time as if nothing has gone wrong even if it actually did. So that’s what makes the kitchen chimneys a viable, advantageous option compared to its alternatives like exhaust fans.

So it’s time to move on, get to learn about what are the differences between Ducted and Ductless Chimneys, and which one to pick on the basis of certain factors.


Types of kitchen chimneys Ducted or Ductless Chimneys

It is an unbeatable fact that kitchen chimneys provide a more authentic and attractive look to a modern kitchen. A giant structure kept above the stove has become an irreplaceable part of a modern kitchen in frames. Let’s begin with the topic of kitchen chimneys where we left off, which is the most important criterion to consider before going for chimneys.

As mentioned before, the two types of kitchen chimneys, the ducted version, and the ductless one. There are other types of classifications for chimneys too, but this is the integral one.


Ductless Chimneys

Ductless chimneys are the simple chimneys who just absorb the smoke, water vapor, toxic particles in the air right onto its mouth, and release the fresh, refined air back to the surface. The solid molecules, which create an abnormal ambiance, are absorbed using a filter and the air which passes through is refined again as it is released as fresh air.

Ducted Chimneys  

Ducted Chimneys are normal chimneys with a complex structure. The presence of the duct makes it special in this case as the duct, unlike ductless chimneys, completely wipes out the air from the kitchen.

This one too has filters, which captures the solid molecules and instead of releasing the refined air, it throws out that with the help of a perfectly built duct system. Ducted Chimneys are more complex but it ensures the air won’t resurface back into the kitchen or any closed spaces.

Comparatively ducted Chimneys are quite expensive than the ductless ones. It involves the maintenance and installation costs of the special ducts but is evidently more safer and comfortable than the ductless chimneys.


Hopefully, now you’ll have a better picture of the kitchen chimneys and now let’s make a breakthrough to the heart of our discussion.


Ducted Vs Ductless Chimneys:- Which one is better and Why

Let us do a proper analysis on which one of the two chimneys is better and why, on the grounds of their applications, practical utility, affordability, efficiency, available space, etc.


#1 How much and How often do you cook?

It is a pretty awkward and direct question but one of the most important criteria to consider which type of kitchen chimney suits your kitchen the best. The idea delivered here is pretty simple. The ductless chimneys will release the air back to the kitchen after removing the toxic molecules whose scent and odor will remain the same.

At the same time, the ducted chimneys collect and wipe out the whole of the contaminated air through ducts which are connected to an open space outside.

So when you cook a lot and infrequent intervals, it produces a lot of smoke, odor, oil vapor etc. Since the ductless chimneys absorb the contaminated air, refine it by removing the solid molecules, refine it and release it at the kitchen itself. Hence it doesn’t make much difference or no difference to the odor and the uncomfortable scene it creates.

On the other hand, ducted chimneys create a passage for the contaminated air to the outdoors and a comfortable and pleasant ambiance in the kitchen. Thereby ducted chimneys are more comfortable and favored on the grounds of kitchen experience.


#2 The Space Concern and Maintenance

Kitchen Chimneys are quite a giant structure and it needs its own space above the stove or anywhere in the kitchen. Ductless Chimneys don’t need any extra space other than a simple setup which can be even cleaned and maintained easily. At the same time, the ducted chimneys need a gigantic set up in the kitchen, where the ducts are connected through pipelines to the outdoors.

When you don’t have enough space in your kitchen, the ducted chimneys can make it worse as it also needs regular maintenance and cleaning. So here on the grounds of the space concern and maintenance, ductless chimneys appear to be a better option here.


#3 Affordability

Even though there aren’t many differences in the price of ducted and ductless chimneys, the price of installation creates a huge difference between them. Ductless Chimneys in that case is a cheaper and affordable option to think of while ducted chimneys need additional installation of ducts to vent out the air from the kitchen space. It makes it costly, considering the installation costs and maintenance costs.


The Bottomline – Ducted Vs Ductless Chimneys

Apparently, this detailed analysis of the ducted and ductless chimneys has revealed the advantages and limitations of these chimneys and how they are going to affect your kitchen experience. If comfort and a completely pleasant surrounding is your priority, without any doubt, you can make a move on picking a Ducted Chimney.

If the cost is a major concern and the little less comfort is not going to be much of a bothersome factor then you can definitely go for Ductless Chimneys.

There are many versions of both ducted and ductless chimneys that are currently available in the market, with different filters, automatic cleaning systems, beautiful designs, etc which are some greater options to look into.