Best Elica Kitchen Chimney in India {No One Can Beat}

Do you love cooking? Or your nutrition requirements make you learn to cook food? But, while cooking you are facing problems like watery eyes, smoke, and bad smell due to oil and strong aroma of spices. So, here we are with a solution to your problems with the help of the best Elica Chimney for your cooking room. When it comes to cooking hygiene and ambiance plays an important role. And to maintain both of these you required a kitchen chimney. That enables you to make your kitchen more clean and modern with stylish looks. The Elica Kitchen Chimney will surely try to fulfill your expectations. But before talking about the Best Selling Elica Chimney, let us have a detailed discussion about the Elica Group and the Best Elica Kitchen Chimney.


Best Elica Chimney

Earlier exhaust fans used for removing the smells and smoke from the kitchen. But with the help of innovations in 1993 India got its first kitchen chimney. Or if we think logically we can say chimneys are advanced and modified versions of Exhaust fans. There are various brands of Kitchen Chimney in the market. But Elica is the most trustworthy and demanded brand by the users.

Elica, an Italian company is a renowned brand across the globe in the Kitchen Appliance industry.  The company achieved a remarkable position worldwide for the production of induction hobs. Also, design, production, and marketing of heating boilers and electric motors for hoods. In 2010 Elica SpA collaborated with Elica PB India Private Limited. And, there manufacturing plant-based located in boundaries of Pune, Maharashtra.

They earned their glorious goodwill by satisfying the needs of customers. And, that too with the help of customized products according to them. Elica Kitchen Chimneys provide noise-free and odor-less experience to their users. Elica offers you products with different designs, features, and sizes. But all of them surely give your kitchen an extraordinary appealing look which compliments the interior of your home too. So let’s review some of the Best Selling Kitchen Chimneys which you will love to own.


  • Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Filterless Chimney


Do you want the best from all the products offered by Elica? Then you must go with Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Filterless Chimney. The design of this product enables you to spend more time with your family by reducing the cleaning time.

This product with its features makes your home free from smoke and strong smells which influence your health. As its EFL-S607 VMS Chimney made up of filterless chimney. And, has a powerful suction capacity which is about 1100m3 per hour. This feature enables you to keep your kitchen fresh and smell free.

To make your kitchen smart it comes with a notable feature of Motion Sensing Technology. All you need to wave your hand towards the right to Turn On the chimney and continue to wave for increasing its speed. Whereas wave your hand towards the left for decreasing its speed and continue till the chimney turned off.

Elica Filterless chimney with its sleek design available in black color. Moreover, it comes with a sealed motor that ensures smooth functioning instead of oil deposit and water vapor. Even its high-quality metal blower ensures proper exhaustion of odor and smokes effectively. Moreover, to resolve the issue of lights while cooking the product comes with supreme quality LED Lamps.

Elica assures by giving warranty for motor and product of 5 years and 1 year respectively. And, for the cleaning of the chimney, it is designed with a separate Oil Collector which collects the oil and other fumes efficiently. Also, it has trendy touch control which gives easy access to control the chimney. You can buy this product through various online platforms and even from their nearby stores. All you need to spend a reasonable amount on this. In my opinion, Elica 60cm 1100m3/ hr Filter Less Chimney is the best pick. You must go to this.


  • Elica 60 cm 1425 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney


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Do you want to make your kitchen more charming? Then here’s our second best-selling Elica Chimney will help you to do so. Elica 60 cm 1425m3/hr ensures your power pack performance.

You will get this product with elegant design and black matte finish which complements your kitchen décor. The blend of robust quality stainless steel body and beautiful appearance will make it a must-have kitchen appliance. It has 2 baffle filters due to which users refer to it as Best Elica Auto Clean Chimney. This baffle filter maintains your health by making your kitchen oil and smoke-free. Also, these filters reduce your cleaning and maintenance frequency.

Even its motion-sensing technology makes smarter than chimneys of other brands. You need not press any button or switch to control chimney workings. All you need to wave your hand towards the right to turn on and increase the speed of the chimney. Whereas if you want to turn off or decrease the speed then moves your hand towards the left.

Moreover, its robust suction capacity of 1425 cubic meters per hour makes your kitchen fresh and less noisy. And, its attached oil collector takes care of your cleaning requirements. As it collects oil and other particles conveniently.

This WD TBF HAC 60 MS NERO Kitchen Chimney comes with two notable features. First one Heat Auto Clean Technology which resolves your cleaning problem. All you need to push a button that starts its heating element to get rid of sticky oil particles. And, collecting that dirt Oil collector attached right below it. This second feature of the touch panel provides you easy access control for the chimney. So that anybody like your kids or new cooking learners can have hassle-free cooking.

Elica tries to serve you best with the latest technology within your budget. And, Elica 60cm 1425 m3/hr Auto Clean chimney comes with a warranty for 5 years and 1 year for motor and product respectively. Moreover with these 2 LED lamps and installation kit have been provided to making your kitchen experience happier. What else you can expect at such a price?


  • Elica 60cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney (ESCG BF 60 NERO)

Elica Kitchen Chimney, Auto Clean, Touch Control

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Do you want to take your cooking experience to the next level? Then you are at the spot. In this section, we are going to highlight features of Elica 60cm 1100m3/hr Chimney which is the Best Elica Chimney Model. It helps you to prepare your favorite food in a clean and pollution-free ambiance.

This is a wall-mounted chimney which is suitable for 2-4 burner stoves. With its elegant and curvy designed body adds a style statement to your kitchen. It is designed in such a unique way that it will serve you continuously without occupying a huge space.

This ESCG BF 60 NERO technology-based chimney never disappoints you with its performance. As its steady suction capacity of 1100 cubic meters per hour provides you comfort while cooking. With this, it reduces noise pollution with this feature. Even its baffle filter ensures the elimination of greasy and unhealthy particles of smoke. Moreover, these filters are very easy to clean and maintain.

Elica 60cm 1100m3/ hr kitchen chimney comes with 2 LED Lamps that will solve your lighting issue. As it eases out the cooking process for various users especially the users of old age. This charming designed black color glass chimney enhances the look of your kitchen.

Even the product comes with an inbuilt push button panel. By which users will easily access all the features of the chimney. Moreover, the manufacturer by keeping product assurance provides a warranty of a year for product and 5 years of the motor.

Still, thinking whether to buy or not Elica 60cm 1100m3/hr kitchen chimney? Then surely the feature of less power consumption with the help of a 230-watt motor will make you go for it. This product comes with a bundle of features at a reasonable price. Then why are you waiting to make your kitchen smoke and dirt-free? Just go and own this Best Elica Kitchen Chimney.


  • Elica 90cm 1200 m3/hr Chimney (WD HAC Touch BF 90)

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Do you want to change your kitchen outlook to the modular one? Then this gem from the wide range of Elica group will prove itself a style icon of your kitchen. Elica 90cm 1200m3/hr Chimney makes you its fan by its powerful performance.

The perfect blend of its elegant design and grace of black beauty makes it more demanding. The demand of the users makes it the Best Selling Elica Kitchen Chimney. It is very simple to operate with the help of the Touch Control Panel. It enables the user for hassle-free operations and cleaning.

While cooking sticky oil particles and smoke when food overcooked creates lots of air pollution. And, that in turn leads to irritation in eyes and lots of sneezes. By keeping this issue in mind Elica provides a feature of Oil collector with Heat Auto Clean technology. All you need to push a button which automatically releases heat. And afterward, oil dirt will collect in oil collector underneath.

Elica WD HAC TOUCH BF 90 chimney comes up with a suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour. These features save you from smoke and strong aroma which causes breathing issues. Moreover, if you facing light issues then you need not worry. Elica has 2 LED Lamps incorporated in the chimney only.

Its size with perfect dimensions suitable for any type of kitchen. You just need space over the stove where you can affix it. Else, it comes with a strong noticeable feature of inbuilt baffle filters which make you free from greasy things and unhealthy smoke.

This stainless steel powerful kitchen appliance comes with a warranty of 5 years and a single year for motor and product respectively. Moreover, this product will save your money with less and effective consumption of electricity.

The Elica kitchen Chimney with functional incentives comes at a budgeted price. And, I believe this product fulfills all your expectations within your budget. So what you are waiting for? Go and get your cooking companion.


  • Elica 90cm 1425 m3/hr Chimney (WD TFL HAC 90 MS NERO)


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Are you irritated with smoke and sweaty kitchen experience? Then this Best Elica Kitchen Chimney makes you do your kitchen stuff hassle-free. Elica 90cm 1425m3/hr chimney. You can complement your kitchen décor with its stylistic glass feature. Even its black matte finish and striking design make it a must-have appliance for your cooking area.

Elica WD TFL HAC 90 MS NERO comes with Filterless technology kitchen hoods. It enables smooth functioning by depositing oil particles and evaporated water. Even its superior quality metal blower ensures effective exhaustion of smoke and odor.

Its high suction capacity of 1425 cubic meters per hour sucks all harmful smoke and fumes to give hygienic ambiance. Even the less noise level and easy maintenance with energy efficiency make it more popular among users.

If your kids want to operate it then Elica comes with a feature of Motion Sensor. That enables your kids to enjoy their cooking lessons. All they need to wave their hands towards the right if they want to Turn On or increase the suction speed of Chimney. Moreover, if they are done with the cooking and want to Turn off the chimney. Or want to reduce the speed then they have to wave their hand towards left.

Elica 90cm 1425 m3/hr chimney allows you to control its features with a touch. And, that is possible with the help of a trendy touch panel. However, it has Heat auto clean technology that allows you to make your kitchen more clean and fresh. For that, you need to push a button that will turn on the heating element. That helps you to get rid of oily and sticky particles. Also, those particles collected in Oil Collector placed right below.

Elica kitchen chimney comes with 2 LED Lamps which grants ease for cooking. Even they provide an installation kit for your help to install it. All you need to read the instructions and provided material in the kit. Or you can call their service boy for your help.

If you face any problem during the usage or you find any part broke. Then you need not worry as Elica provides you a warranty for motor and product for 5 years and one year respectively. If you want to keep your loved ones healthy and safe then you can get this Elica Auto Clean Chimney at a small price. You can visit a nearby market or online website to buy it. After getting knowledge about the various products, Now let us see How you will be benefitted by having Best Selling Elica Chimney?


Advantages of Choosing the Best Elica Kitchen Chimney

Are you finding a solution for getting rid of a messy and smelly kitchen? Then I can bet you can solve this problem by owning the Best Elica Auto Clean Chimney for your kitchen. Now surely next question hitting in your mind is “What are the advantages of using Elica Kitchen Chimney?” So, you have to keep reading the below-mentioned points which answer your question. Lets us have a look:

  • Keeps your kitchen tiles clean

Everyone spends a lot to make their kitchen more beautiful with the help of tiles. And, no one can imagine that worst feeling, when you see your kitchen tiles full of stains and stickiness? But Elica Auto Clean Chimney will perform this task for you. It will suck all the smoke and fume inside it. That makes your kitchen tiles free from stains.

  • Ensure protection of your kitchen floor, cabinets, and roof

Earlier there was no chimney installed in our kitchens. Usually, people have an exhaust fan for getting rid of those smoke and bad smells. Also, the roof got greasy and dark. Moreover, kitchen cabinets and floors look dingy and dark due to smoke. But the invention of the kitchen chimney solved all of these problems. The best Elica Kitchen Chimney has a strong suction capacity which makes your kitchen clean and smoke-free.

  • Odorless Kitchen with no more sneezing attacks

Did you ever get the feeling that your house smells like a mutton curry or shahi paneer even after you cook your food long back? Or, facing the issue of sneezing attack due to smoke and the strong aroma of spices? Then by installing Elica Kitchen Chimney you will be free from these troubles. It sucks all the strong aroma and odor released while cooking. Thus it will make your food healthy and hygienic as it relieves you from sneezing as well.

  • Makes your Kitchen Appealing

Do you want a modular kitchen? And, if you have one but want to keep it clean and safe. Then you need to get a Best Elica Chimney Model for your kitchen. Its sleek and unique design makes your cooking room more stylish and modular.

There are countless advantages to a kitchen chimney. Even, Elica Kitchen Chimney will prove itself a stylish addition to your kitchen. It will make your cooking experience happier and healthier. After grabbing all the above information, the next question, comes in mind that What factors to be kept in mind while getting Best Elica Chimney model for ourselves?


Things to be considered while buying Elica Kitchen Chimney

  • Size

All the Elica kitchen Chimneys come with different measurements all. Then you should take measurements of your kitchen and choose the ideal chimney for your kitchen. You must measure space above the stove and that of the stove as well. Moreover, select a chimney that has a protected metal blower with a motor. As it will save your time and maintenance cost.

  • Suction Capacity

The suction power is the main reason everyone wants a chimney. Every model comes with different suction capacity. If you have the home of one to three rooms then, chimney with the power of 500 to 650 cubic meters per hour is adequate. And, for the larger one, you can own chimney having power more than that of 650m3.

  • Filters in kitchen Chimney

Most of the Elica Chimney Model comes with baffle filters. However, some of them are filterless. You need to select the right sieve for your kitchen chimney. As they play an important part to make your kitchen clean and fresh. If filters are full of dust and sticky oily particles then you will notice weak suction power. And, that in turn can cause a health hazard to your family.

  • The Efficiency of motor power and blower

If you want to save your money on huge electricity bills. Then, you must check the motor power and blower efficiency of the chimney. Elica chimneys come with robust quality motors and metal blowers. That enables you to save a lot of time on repairing and maintenance of internal chimney parts.

Being a smart consumer you will never compromise on the quality. Especially on the quality of kitchen appliances. All the Best Selling Elica Chimneys of your expected budget are easily accessible on the various e-commerce website.


 Which one to buy – It’s your choice

Nowadays people are becoming more health-conscious. But due to lockdown, no one can maintain that fitness routine. So everyone needs to track their health within their living rooms or home. And for that, they need to start with their meals. However to achieve that goal they need a pollution-free cooking environment. In these various Best Elica Chimney models will assist in their way. All you need to find the Best Elica Kitchen as per your requirement.

There is no doubt the cleanest and healthiest place in a house is the kitchen. If your kitchen is clean and fresh then it gives the motivation to cook tasty dishes. So just go through the specifications mentioned above for the Best Selling Elica Chimneys. And, get your desired health checker.

But still, you feel we skip any of the products on the list. Or any of the specifications of any of the products. So you can post your feedback in below comment section. We will like to know feedbacks and add ons for our article. I hope you will make a smart choice with a happy shopping experience.