Best Kitchen Chimney Under 10000 in India

Believe it or not, trying to buy any home appliance in India won’t work as easy as it sounds. Taking our matter of interest, Kitchen Chimneys which won’t even qualify as an exception. But we’ve got you covered. After clearing out the unnecessary and some toxic particles, that leaves us with the handpicked list of top 10 finest chimneys under 10,000 in India.

Before that,  you all might be wondering, why should you opt in chimneys for your kitchen when there are other alternatives? What are its advantages? What makes the budget chimneys a viable option?

It’s always good to learn everything, in and out of a product before buying it and we are simplifying your task, by answering your questions, short and sweet.

S.No.Best Chimney Under 10,000Link to Purchase
1Elica ESCG BF 60 NEROBuy on Amazon
2Eurodomo Classy HCTC 90Buy on Amazon
3Hindware Clarissa Black 60Buy on Amazon
4Inalsa 60 cm, 1050 m³/hr Pyramid ChimneyBuy on Amazon
5Eurodomo PB SS 60Buy on Amazon


Benefit of Getting a Kitchen Chimney

Remember? Once almost all the households used to shut the doors of all rooms to escape from the uncomfortable odor, smoke generated and the other such scents entered the adjacent rooms too.  Once this whole drill was a part of household chores, whenever you fry, grill, or roast anything in your cookhouse.

Decades ago, exhaust fans started off with the rescue process of households but it wasn’t efficient enough. The search for an optimum solution for this problem gradually dropped when some better absorbing machines entered the arena.

Kitchen Chimneys are evidently the finest choice to toss out the smoke, water, and oil vapor, fumes, other impurities in air produced during the preparation of eatables.

The kitchen chimneys are usually a medium-sized structured device with a couple of filters and it’s absorbing power, fuelled by an inbuilt motor, kept right above the kitchen stove.

Kitchen chimneys are apparently an absolute piece of craft, a technical marvel, attained progressive upgrades and attributes, and played a big role in transforming our kitchen lifestyle. Now let’s take a look at why we should go for kitchen chimneys that fit right into our budget.


Why a budget chimney?

A peculiar thing about the kitchen chimneys are, apart from the features it provides, you need to take some other factors into consideration.

  • How often do you cook? Obviously, you won’t need a big, luxurious kitchen chimney when you cook rarely and vice versa.
  • Size of your kitchen space? Large and powerful chimneys occupy a bigger space and the space for ducts too. So it’s better to pick budget chimneys that are compatible anywhere.

Other factors depend on the features and specifications of the chimneys we are going to talk about. So here’s the list of best kitchen chimneys under 10,000, you can make a go for.



1) Elica ESCG BF 60 NERO

Elica Kitchen Chimney, Auto Clean, Touch Control

Here we are, featuring the final and one of the significant kitchen chimneys in the range of best chimneys below 10,000 in India.

Elica ESCG BF 60 NERO is a perfect example of a high-end self-clean kitchen chimney at an affordable and reasonable price. Starting with the layer of Baffle filters to absorb and capture the grease and other particles while the two bright eco-friendly lamps, lighting up the whole surface.

The chimney can be operated with the help of pushbuttons with three different speed adjustments. Equipped with such a powerful motor and suction strength, the chimney can easily handle medium to heavy range of grilling and frying activities.

The manufacturers offer a one year warranty on the product and a five-year warranty for the chimney motor.

Above all this piece gives a classy look to your kitchen. A stainless steel finish with curved glass, noise levels at a modest range, and finally, easy maintenance.

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2) Eurodomo Classy HCTC 90


Buy on Amazon

Surprisingly the first auto clean kitchen chimney, in the list of best chimneys below 10,000 which automatically makes it one of the best auto clean chimneys you can opt for under 10k in India.

The wide suction area of 90cm, powered by a 180w motor is a typical example of a an ideal choice in the best chimneys under 10,000 category. An extremely good 1,200m³ per hour suction power adds to the absorbency strength and the way it purifies the air around the kitchen is unimaginably good.

Promising one of the top quality and most powerful sets of features and specs for an under 10,000 auto clean kitchen chimney is a one in a thousand buy. It can handle a 3-5 burner stove and even extreme conditions of frying and grilling with real ease. A double-layered stainless steel Baffle filter, which only needs a manual touch with cleaning only every six months.

Eurodomo Classy HCTC 90 is an HCT, or a heated auto clean technology implemented product. It is a real smart product too, in terms of the touch panel provided instead of push buttons like other chimneys of the same range.

It even offers a standing installation, with a high end tempered glass finish.

Undoubtedly this is the best buy for you if you are looking for an auto clean kitchen chimney with high-end features and specs, for regular cooking efforts and to cover a large space.


3) Hindware Clarissa Black 60

Hindware Clarissa Black 60

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When you’re in search of an affordable, mid-range kitchen chimney that provides you with more than just reasonable performance, you are at the right product. It is a perfect fit for small spaces and its attractive outlook completely transforms the entire space.

Since it’s a mid-ranged kitchen chimney, the features and specs are limited but it’s worth every penny spent. It is powered by a 65w motor and a suction power of 700m³/ hour. These specs make it compatible enough to absorb the smoke, fumes, and other particles in air produced by a low to medium range of frying and grilling with ease.

Two cassette filters are used in the chimney and both are made up of aluminum and extremely lightweight. It needs some manual touch with cleaning every two weeks. The noise levels are rated average at 58dB.

The attractive matte black finish is such an eye-catcher, in a pyramid shape, can be mounted on the wall.

The manufacturer provides the users with a product warranty of one year and the motor warranty up to five years from the date of purchase. Bottom line, a good to go product which offers really good performance, meeting the expectations.


4) Inalsa 60 cm, 1050 m³/hr Pyramid Chimney Classica 60SSBF

Inalsa 60 cm, 1050 m³/hr Pyramid Chimney

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Inalsa, one of the most preferred brands in the European continent delivers a quality product whose primary advantage is the ease of usage and maintenance. It comes out with utmost safety and protection measures

Starting right from its hood, which is completely rust free and it’s the whole body, has an anti-rust coating.

This pyramid chimney is an easy fit, which is highly compatible with any surface. The 133-watt motor is pretty powerful, and suction power of 1050 m³/hour is really great at absorbing almost anything in the air within seconds.

The stainless steel Baffle filters are easily detachable ones, which can be cleaned easily. The body of the chimney, the control panel has push buttons to regulate the speed of the motor in three different adjustments. The black powdered coating gives the chimney a decent look, which will blend perfectly to any surface.

The manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on the product, and a regular one of two years in the product and seven years on the motor of the chimney. The noise level of Inalsa Classica 60 BK BF is a concern, as it ranges to 65dB which is quite an unusual range compared to similar chimneys. But the price of the product being considered, it is a great value for money buy, especially when looking at the performance provided.


5) Eurodomo PB SS 60

Eurodomo 60 cm 850 m3/h Chimney

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Describing it short, a perfect product that offers great value for money spent. A mid-range budget chimney with a balanced set of features and specs, when compared to its price makes it an attractive option worth considering.

It falls under the 60cm category of the kitchen chimneys with an average suction power of 850m³/ hour. With that kind of power, it still can absorb the smoke, fumes, and other particles in air within no time, even with medium frying or grilling activities.

Eurodomo PB SS 60, makes use of a stainless steel Cassette filter which is so good in absorbing and capturing the smoke and dust particles in the air. It is powered by a 100w motor and comes in as a free-standing installation type of model.

Like mentioned before, this type of kitchen chimneys is a great option, affordable, and the best value for money when you don’t cook so often and the kitchen occupies very little space in the house. They consume very less power, as the motor and suction power of the chimney is set at an average range.

Moreover, the model comes out with three-stage speed adjustments and LED bulbs. It is a highly compatible version from the house of Eurodomo which is an easy fit. The classy, elegant look simply outshines every other element in the kitchen without burning a hole in your pocket.


6) Elica ESCG HAC Touch 60 Nero, Black, and Glass

Elica Kitchen Chimney, Auto Clean, Touch Control

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The second auto clean chimney in the range of best chimneys within 10,000 in India. Elica simply nails it with the visual appeal of the product. The superior touch it is getting with the premium black finish is unbelievably good and makes it look ravishing.

To hop on with the additional features of Elica ESCG HAC Touch 60 Nero, it has a simply great suction power, ranging to 1100m³ every hour. The motor is just extremely powerful in the range of best chimneys under 10,000. A 230w motor keeps the chimney up and running at its best. There are baffle filters present, which can be easily removed and cleaned, to the convenience of the household.

Once again, this beauty beats it all straight away to being one of the most preferred auto clean chimneys on the grounds of performance too. There’s a touch screen panel to control the operations of the chimney, which enhances the user experience, instead of push buttons.

The HACT or the heat auto clean technology, one turned on, start heating some time and here we are. Like other Kitchen chimneys, it heats up specific points of the chimney to melt the impurities, toxic air, smoke, fumes, and vapor and get them collected in the oil collector which is set beneath the chimney.

The two energy-efficient bulbs are great in performance and give a classy outlook to the entire structure of the chimney.

This is a high end performing chimney, making each and every feature and spec of this special and unique.


7) Glen Pyramid Chimney 6050 Junior

Glen 60cm 1000 m³/h Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

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One of the best chimneys within 10,000 with the best in the class safety features is the major highlight of Glen Pyramid Chimney 6050 Junior.

The FRP or flame-retardant plastic has been used in the entire housing exterior, in all of the wires which are 100% copper made is a great option if safety is one of your primary concerns. Thermal overload might cause a complete burnout of the motor in many kitchen chimneys but all the safety measures have been taken with this one, which is quite promising.

Let’s have a look at the other features of Glen Pyramid Chimney 6050 Junior.

It comprises double-layered stainless steel Baffle filters which are housed in a pyramid shape structured hood, made up of a Matte steel finish. Glen claims the Baffle filters as next-gen ones, which offers the advantage of a dynamic airflow.

The 40W hob lights are pretty equipped with some high-end specs, which are really powerful and carved out with perfection. The pushbuttons offer three stages of adjusting the motor speed.

The Italian motor is 100% copper made, powered at 155 watts, and the range of suction power of the chimney at 1000 m³/ hour. The noise level of Glen Pyramid Chimney 6050 Junior is 58dB and the manufacturer’s warranty of one year over the product and five years on the motor.

It’s exceptional safety measures are simply great compared to the other chimneys of this range, that makes it a good to go with a product in the list of best chimneys under 10,000 in India.


8) Kaff ACE BF 60

kaff ace chimney

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It’s obvious we wonder where to start if each and every feature and specs of a quality kitchen chimney looks so good. Here, Kaff ACE BF 60 is not making an exception and this piece of art deserves a major highlight for its noise level of just 54dB!

A strong motor with a copper winding is the reason behind this. Even though the vent of the chimney is 60cm in size, it is wider inside and this unique structure serves as its best advantage. This wider sized vent helps the chimney with an improved suction power, which is already built on 1000m³/hour.

This beauty is a real eye-catcher, its stunning looks and gorgeous exteriors. The exterior housing of Kaff ACE BF 60 chimney has a premium black anti-rust coating and that too on the surface, it nails perfection.

An 8mm tempered, curved glass with a full metal housing resists almost everything and makes the chimney lasts longer, durable.

This chimney, right out of the house of the Kaff house, comes out with a double baffle filter which requires less manual maintenance and more than just efficiency in doing its job. It is named as a heavy-duty Baffle filter, built of clean cut steel which pretty much sums up the quality and cutting edge technology used.

The round LED lamps are giving the chimney a cooler outlook and buttons on the surface with the three different speed adjustments to make its body. The product offers a greater warranty period of two and seven years on the chimney and the motor respectively.


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9) Sunflame Bella 60

Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Curved Glass Kitchen

Buy on Amazon

Apparently, it’ll be so irritating when you finally get the chimney you were looking for and it ends up producing high pitched noise whenever the motor runs. From the house of Sunflame, Bella 60 BK provides you with the best in the class kitchen chimney with the least audible noise production, even with a powerful motor. The noise level of this kitchen chimney ranges at an average of just 55dB.

A bunch of other special features paved its way to the list of best chimneys below 10k, like its unique design. This chimney is shaped ergonomically, which ensures the suction and flow of air is at its best.

A 190-watt motor seems like a feature out the question, but yes it does have a powerful motor of 190 watts! All credits to the ergonomic design which makes the fan rotate even faster, producing the least possible noise.

The quieter motion advantage and the design keeping the stainless less Baffle filter at its place makes it more efficient and an ideal buy. The power-saving LED lights and a push-button control adds to its elegance.

The best things are served last and here’s the biggest highlight of Sunflame Bella 60 BK, which is occupied with a suction power of 1100m³/hour!! The manufacturers provide a product warranty big one year and a motor warranty of five years. This beautiful structure with curved glass is a wall-mount type of kitchen chimney.

What more could you ask for from a budget kitchen chimney with these many features and mind-blowing specifications?


10) Eurodomo Onyx PB BK 60

Eurodomo Onyx PB BK 60

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Even if you ignore its top-notch features, you’ll end up choosing it over other similar chimneys, just for its looks. It’s top-class premium black finish is simply stunning and visually appealing. This addition of tempered glass, that too a curved one is an absolute eye catcher, which promises an entirely new outlook to your kitchen.

Eurodomo Onyx PB BK 60 kitchen chimney is equipped with one of the best suction power, you can get for every penny you pay, of 1050 m³/hour. With that kind of suction power, it can easily get rid of smoke, grease, vapor, or any impurities within seconds and provide you with some fresh uncontaminated air.

Baffle filters, known for being an effective tool used in most of the classy chimneys, special build for the delicacies of Indian kitchens. The primary layer of the filter shows an exemplary strength and compatibility with a great suctional strength by the chimney. These filters don’t demand regular cleaning, and once in a month removal and cleaning are recommended.

This chimney is fuelled by a top quality motor of 190 watts, which is some unbelievably great amount which makes this product more and more attractive. Moreover, the users need not be concerned about the noise, such a powerful motor could make as it is way less than other chimneys sold in the marketplace, ranging to 58dB.

The chimney can be operated with the help of pushbuttons, which are simple and quite easily controllable. The model comes out with the feature of two LED lights, which brightens up the core area of the kitchen.

You can control the speed of the motor, which has three different adjustments. The chimney needs a proper cleaning process every six months, back to the filters, which can be removed manually and cleaned with ease, needs one every month.

This kitchen chimney is out in the market with a product warranty of one year, which is usually found in the marketplace. It also covers a warranty in the motor of five years. When you are considering budget kitchen chimneys, Eurodomo Onyx PB BK 60 is a wonderful pick, a little above the budget pick but serves you right, an absolute value for money.


What to buy? It’s your choice

The above-mentioned kitchen chimneys are handpicked after thorough research. The pattern makes it sure that each one of the chimneys is different from the other in terms of its major highlight specification or feature.

It simplifies your task and you just have to find what type of chimney you actually need on the basis of the two given factors. That two stand above everything else and most importantly, affordability is a major concern.

Make the right choice by considering all the above-mentioned factors to redesign the most important part of a house, the kitchen.

Nowadays, kitchen chimneys are evolving as an essential in every kitchen and it’s such a great, really helpful product, especially for the women of the household. They are regularly prone to smoke, fumes and toxic impurities in the air and the chimneys are the best solutions to get rid of these.