Auto Clean Chimney Vs Manual Chimney

Overview of an everyday kitchenette

Any proactive homeowner perfectly knows how hectic it is to organize a kitchen. From a color-coded cookware to the new fangled shelving units, a kitchen is desired to be a dreamy place to cook in, everyday.

Although it’s hard to be done than said, yet individuals never hold back to maintain their prep-area well. Endeavours like cleansing all the dirt, and dried crisps off the counter, and wiping of the kitchen’s tiles, make the approach of a modern and tidy kitchen, one effortful task.

So, in order to tackle up the everyday hurdles like mentioned above, intellectual fellows can bring up their daily routine using comfy appliances by which benefits are reaped from these ever-growing, electronic accessories like kitchen chimneys.


Auto Clean Chimney


Kitchen Chimney; a must-have appliance

Suppose, it’s a rainy day and you head to kitchen in order to make snacks. You stir up the mixture of cluttered potatoes, onion chops, bits of green chillies, spinach, and farina and then you come up to the stage where you commence to deep-fry.

Now if you’re a beginner fryer, the deep frying of fritters is going to cause a lot of smoke. With the absence of a kitchen chimney, fumes and smoke will muster up in the kitchenette. The stains of oil stick to the tiles, creating a very higgledy-piggledy outlook. Moreover, the exposure to the fumes, cause respiratory symptoms like wheezing, suffocation, chest tightness and cough. The obnoxious odour makes it very hard to bear and stand in the kitchen. After the purification of air about the kitchen, the person is able to breathe and inhale fresh air which leads to a healthy life!


Classification of Kitchen Chimney

The two ranks of Kitchen Chimney are distinguished by merits, demerits, features, and factors.

  • Mechanism and Working of Auto Clean and Manual Chimney:

An auto clean chimney has an oil collector which is made up of aluminium non-stick material. The oil collector is used to gather up all the oil particles which are released from the fumes. Withal to that, the oil collector is detachable which has the shape of container or a bowl. It consists of a turbine blower which is used to tug all the fumes and smoke toward itself. The phenomenon of centrifugal force takes place here.

Whereas, a manual chimney deprives the user with the facility of an oil collector. The oil particles and grease directly head toward the frame of the normal chimney. Thereby, oil particles get clogged around the inner walls of chimney.

  • Reliability and Lifespan:

Due to the feature of oil collector provided by an auto clean chimney, all the oil particles are restrained there. In result, it does not harm the internal parts of the chimney. Given to this reason, the capacity and reliability of an auto clean chimney is way better than the non-auto chimney.

On the other hand, the absence of oil collector in the normal chimney results in hindrance of the chimney. It casts damage to the parts of the chimney. It is the sole reason why the lifespan of a manual chimney is not extended.


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  • Frequency of Maintenance:

There is a series of buttons on the frontal stripe of the chimney’s frame, which provides the option to clean the chimney’s interior with one click, automatically on regular basis. Furthermore, the auto clean chimney can be cleansed once or twice a month. To do so, a simple courtesy of departing the oil container from the chimney and eradicating it of all the debris, will do the trick.

As there exists no aptitude of auto-cleaning option, normal chimney needs to be deterged every once in a while. The threat of oil stocking to all the inner parts remain, so it is important to wash off the filter and the inner portion in order to prevent the peril of junk encumbrance. Otherwise, the functionality of the manual chimney expires. In other cases, the clogging builds up in a huge quantity. Due to which, an urgent assistance from the professional workers is required.

  • Suction Power:

Since there is no way for the grease to be lodged in the auto clean chimney, the suction power is boosted up all the time. It sucks all the fumes inward, in a matter of a few minutes.

In the case of a manual chimney, the stocked residue of oil particles rescind the strength of the chimney’s suction. These drawbacks of the normal chimney enforce its productivity to be turned out.

  • Expense factor:

Apparently, an auto clean chimney is more expensive than the manual one. But if the auto clean chimney is considered, it saves the money from being spent on repairing or maintenance.

Although the manual chimney is, no doubt, cheaper than the auto clean chimney, yet it is costly in regards of maintenance and modification. According to an estimation, the normal chimney turns out to be more pricy, keeping all the points in view.


Pros and Cons of Auto Clean and Manual Chimney


  • Attribution:

After taking a vast variety of figures into consideration, it is made vivid that the auto clean chimney adds to the decoration of a certain kitchen. It allows the provision of a classy and elegant to the kitchen while the manual chimney is not really captive to be engaging in this regard.

  • Time-Saving:

Auto clean chimney is a time-saving product. As compared to the manual chimney, it is considered very durable. Within a matter of a little while, it compensates by purifying the room’s air as well as keeps itself cleaned.

The manual chimney is not very flexible in this case. It leads to the inception of the owner’s frustration by consuming a lot of time in every regard. Its cleaning takes forever. The spots and stains around the inner valve get stuck which is needed to be deterged.

  • Noise:

Noise is dependant on the suction power of a peculiar chimney. As suction power of the auto clean chimney is augmented, so it has a noise reduction quality. Whereas the manual chimney is a source of clamour.

  • Money Deliverance:

The opportunity to save money is provided by the innovating chimney. The mere technology has awarded the ease of saving money. The comfortable tool really works as optimized as a money saviour.

Contrarily, the manual chimney might be cheap but it works as a termite to the savings since it will require the wages which will be spent on the workers for repairing and maintenance.

  • An Elegant Outlook:

The auto clean chimney is derived into multifarious models. The models have the delicacy which adds to the decor of the kitchen’s view. A standardized preview is casted by the presence of the chimney.

  • Perfect Odour:

The chimney eradicates any sort of stink out of the room. The purified air proves to be healthy for any person’s respiratory system. Moreover, it keeps the appetizing and mouth-watering aroma of the food being cooked.

The normal chimney isn’t really the option for this case. It does suck the smoke in, but the exposure to stink is still tacked there to some extent.

  • Healthy Environment:

The last but not the least, another benefit occupied by the auto clean chimney is the provision of healthy environment. The friendly features of the chimney of this kind makes it eligible for such a good merit.