AC Buying Guide in India | Top Brands and Other Important Factors

There are a lot of Air Conditioners available in the market in India but you only find a few of them that are purely eligible to be called as the best air conditioner when it comes to the Indian summer that are very hot.

But, before even start our journey of finding best air conditioner when it comes to the hot and sweaty Indian summer, we should always keep in mind where to look and what top brands are there that have the best AC to offer.

So that we can decide without having confusion or any misconceptions.

Thus I will be revealing some of the best brands that one should look for:-

  1. Blue Star AC
  2. Hitachi AC
  3. Daikin AC
  4. Carrier AC
  5. Mitsubishi AC
  6. Voltas AC
  7. LG AC
  8. Whirlpool AC

Hopefully, you are better informed about all the best brands are there that have the best ACs to offer for the Indian summer, we should now look for the best products they have since you can get easily confused between the most required feature one should have in an Air Conditioner and a feature which is there in an Air Conditioner which is there only for show.

Since, I always share top notch and honest information with my user, thus this time I humbly request my users to check out this amazing site Smartairflow which has almost all the details one should keep in mind before buying an Air Conditioner and this will save you from all the confusion one can have from researching about an Air Conditioner.

On Smartairflow, you will find articles such as below that can answer some of your burning questions about an AC:-

  1. What Is The Ideal Ac Temperature To Save Electricity?
  2. Copper Coil vs. Aluminium Coil
  3. Can an Ac Run on Inverter
  4. Daikin vs Hitachi vs O General Air Conditioner
  5. Voltas Vs Daikin Vs LG Air Conditioner

I hope I was able to help you up to your satisfaction.

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